Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2: my first day as a post-op

Day 2 started off with the usual round of medications, pain killers, and vital sign exams. Around mid morning I was taken down to do a swallow study to check for any leaks or blockages. The men who transported me were very very kind and tried to make sure I wasn't jostled. When I got down to the radiology lab, the nurses were... not as nice. They weren't mean per se, but I was in a lot of pain and they seemed to have the "ok we know let's just do this and stop crying" attitude. I had to climb on a large platform that jerked me around (excruciating) and I had to drink this greasy, nasty sour stuff. The only good thing is I got to see the liquid pouring through my new small stomach and intestines on the computer screen. I was cleared and told my swallow study was perfect.

The people transporting me back upstairs straight up sucked. The guy pushed VERY fast and we almost crashed into 2 gurneys and a group of docs. I got bumped on every bump and he just seemed to be in a hurry to get me back to my room. Once there, I got another large dose of pain meds and took a nap. It had been quite an ordeal.

The rest of the day was spent hobbling around the hospital hall with a walker, since I had to get up and walk each hour. Not fun, but necessary.

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  1. keep up the good work! Everyone says the faster you get up and walk, the faster you'll heal! Congratulations :)