Monday, October 10, 2011

Low Carb, High Flavor Enchilada Casserole

As a fatty, I love mexican food. I mean I really LOOOOOVE mexican food. So I HAD to find a DS friendly way to make my beloved enchilada casserole. And tonight I think I perfected it!! I don't really measure amounts when I cook so this is more of a tutorial than a recipe.

The Ingeredients:
-Your favorite meat (I use crock pot roasted pork shredded up; recipe coming soon!)
-Mexican style shredded cheese (or use colby jack like I did tonight since we're out of Mexican)
-Macayo's Enchilada Sauce (or sub your favorite red enchilada sauce)
-canned mild diced green chilis
-zucchini, sliced VERY thin (I use my mandoline)

The Assembly:
-Smear enough enchilada sauce on the bottom of a 9x13 pan to just coat it. This prevents zucchini from sticking.
-Place a layer of sliced zucchini down to cover the bottom.
-Layer on some meat, the more the merrier!
-Scoop ~1 small can of green chilis over the meat and spread out
-Add a nice layer of cheese... don't be stingy!
-Cover with encilada sauce
-Repeat zucchini/meat/chili/cheese/sauce layer as deep as your dish will take
-Bake at 425 for ~30 mins.
-THE CRUICAL STEP: you have have have have to let this sit to thicken. It will be very liquidy when it first comes out, but give it half an hour to sit and it sets up just like if you had used tortillas instead of zucchini

The result:

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